¡Ayúdeme! Hispanic Research Classes Online

January 27, 2014  - by 

Habla español or are you doing research in a Spanish speaking country? If so, the FamilySearch Learning Center has some classes that may be of interest to you. From the Pampas of Argentina to the frontera between the United States and Mexico, the variety of classes might surprise you. There are 47 classes either presented in Spanish or designed to help you read and master Spanish paleography.

To learn about the basic record types used in Hispanic research you might want to view our classes on Civil Registration or Parish Records (both taught in Spanish). To help you learn to read and interpret documents in Spanish there’s a Spanish Script Tutorial. Below is just a small sampling of what you can find.

Secuencia correcta al buscar en registros parroquiales (The correct sequence for searching parish records). Taught in Spanish.

Fuentes para escribir la biografía de un antepasado (Sources for writing the biography of an ancestor). Taught in Spanish.

U.S. Hispanic Immigrants: Finding their Place of Origin. Taught in English

Beginning German Research Series Taught in Spanish.

La investigacion genealogica en Guatemala: Elementos basicos (Genealogy research in Guatemala: Basic elements) Taught in Spanish

Brazil Beginning Research Series Taught in English and Portuguese.

There are many more classes available. To view the complete list, I invite you to visit the FamilySearch Learning Center.

It may also interest you to know that recently several more classes in Spanish and English related to Hispanic research have been filmed and should be uploaded to the Learning Center soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. yo vivo en Moreno valley California en el condado de riverside y quisiera recivir instruccion en como podria mejorar la busqueda de mis ancestros.


    I live in Moreno valley, California, in riverside county and would like to receive instruction on how could improve the search for my ancestors.

  2. Me interesa, sobretodo el tema de “Pampas Argentinas…” Muchas gracias.


    I am interested in, above all the subject of “Argentine Pampas…” Thanks a lot.

  3. I’m very interesting in do my genealogy my family is from Argentina immigrating from Italy and Spain I like to participate in this class please let me know how I can register.
    Thank you

    1. These classes are available online from the FamilySearch site. To find the classes log onto FamilySearch site and click on Get Help in the upper right corner of the page. Next click on Learning center video courses and you will find the list of classes. You will also find information about research in Argentina and for immigrants to Argentina in the FamilySearch wiki. To find the wiki, visit FamilySearch.org and click on Search and then on Wiki. In the search box enter the word Argentina and you will see lots of articles that can help you with your research. Buena suerte!