Just for You: Announcing the Updated Family History Center Director Page

August 7, 2015  - by 

Have you seen the new resources for family history center directors on LDS.org? Simplified features and updated training are all located on this new page. View it at the easy-to-find quick link www.lds.org/fhcdirector.

The page is organized into three sections

  1. Find, Take, Teach: Understanding Your Calling
  2. Discovery Experiences
  3. Training and Resources

Look for these changes and additions:



Find, Take, Teach: Understanding Your Calling

  • Nurturing enthusiasm and sharing ideas among stake and ward members using this simplified approach.

Discovery Experiences

  • Use discovery experiences to significantly increase your ward and stake member engagement in family history.
  • See how other directors successfully use low tech, simplified approaches to discovery in centers large and small.

Training and Resources

  • View quarterly workshops designed for FHC directors, as announced at RootsTech.

You will find that the important resources you have always used on LDS.org are still available, but in a refreshed format. Presently, the updated page is available in English only, but translations will be coming soon. Please remember that family history centers are wonderful places for visitors to have a discovery experience. We still refer to these centers as family history centers. Only a few high-tech centers are redesigned and designated by FamilySearch as Discovery Centers. Welcome to the new Family History Center Director page. Enjoy!


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  1. I am excited about the new FHC Director news. I appreciate all your help and am working to build our center in attendance and help to our members and community.

  2. I hope that we are as interested in the people as we are in find, take, teach.
    These people were real and had lives that
    effect us even today. We are not just a NAME.