You’re Already Doing Family History

June 2, 2015  - by 

Sister Linda K. Burton, General President of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gave some inspiring council to young mothers and other busy LDS Church members relating to family history. “As we live—raising children, working jobs, caring for parents, fulfilling Church callings, and serving in our communities—we are putting together the puzzle of our lives, creating our own family history. Try adding small and simple things to intensify the Spirit of Elijah in your life and draw your family closer on both sides of the veil.”

She went on to say, “Think of the things you’re already doing and just make a small tweak. Piece by piece the puzzle will come together. If you don’t know how to fit in family history ask the Lord to help you.”

Here are a few ways you put her ideas to work:

Family Home Evening Fun

Energize your family with a fun family history lesson for family home evening. Visit to discover lesson plans, videos, and activities that can help bring your family history to life.

It’s Sunday Afternoon—Help!

Sunday afternoon can feel like an eternity for parents AND children. Discover ideas for transforming those long afternoon hours into enriching family history time that will pay eternal dividends.

Discover Your Family Tree

Visit your family tree on to see what has already been added and preserved. You might find ancestor photos or stories that you’ve never seen before. What you find can be shared with family near and far. If your tree is a little thin, simple tools help you add what you know.

Sister Burton concluded, “He’ll (The Lord) show you the small and simple things that will draw your family closer together on both sides of the veil.”

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  1. I love how together we can ease the burden of one another and how as sister Burton said that as we ask the Lord He will help us. May the Lord continue to bless us as a family to know the love our Heavenly Father has for us is my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  2. I really liked this article. I had never thought that as we go through life, we are making family history. I also totally agree on the Sunday Afternoon section, my siblings find that it can take forever, epically on fast Sundays.

  3. It is great to share what you know about your family’s history with those you love. Ask each family member to speak to someone who may know your family and then discuss the new found information when you have your Family Home Evening!

  4. I thank, Sister Burton for her wonderful counseling, to parents and youths, on Family History Work. I know for us to have the spirit of Elijah fulfilled in us we must do our Family History work. There are great blessings in our lives, when we Salvage the death. And without them we can not be perfect.

  5. I am so excited about the FHE ideas to generate interest in Family History.

    Glad names will be released after two years.

    Being able to share your temple names

  6. As an instructional technologist, someone who uses technology to help others learn, I believe most people are doing family history. They just don’t know it as this article points out. Pat yourself on the back & continue making memories & preserving them. Preserving memories utilizing today’s technology is fun, rewarding & simple.

  7. Learning about our family history is the best thing ever you learn about your family by doing family history .i inspire you to learn about your family it is good to learn inspire you to learn about your family it is good .teach other people about family history inspired people teach them help then I know that if we try we can do this now try to do it I know we can do this.from Ben I am 10 years old.

  8. Thank you for the time you spend doing these things! Making Family History fun is a great help to those who are young and those who just can’t get excited about it.

  9. When our children were small, we created a large four generation pedigree chart on a poster board and each month had a lesson about on of the ancestors on the board. That was a way to introduce our children to their roots.