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Memories is a tool in FamilySearch that allows you to preserve and share your family’s most important moments by adding family photos, documents, audio clips and stories. You can then organize and tag them, attaching them to individuals on your family tree. This turns these treasured moments into heirlooms that can be passed down in your family and easily accessed by even distant family members.

Previously, when creating a story in Memories, you could only choose one photo to attach to each story. There’s no longer any reason to limit yourself! A recent update allows you to expand and add increased depth to your family stories by uploading up to 10 photos with each story.

Ready to get started creating improved stories with more photos? Here’s all you need to know to do just that:

Adding Family Photos to Your Stories

Once you’re logged in to FamilySearch, select the Memories tab from the main FamilySearch menu. Then, when you reach the Memories page, click the Add Memories button.

You can now add multiple photos to each memory in Family Tree.

A menu at the top allows you to view memories you already have—photographs, stories, documents, audio clips—or all of them at once. If you haven’t added memories before, that’s okay! You can add your very first memory from this page. Just click the green plus sign when you’re ready to add a memory.

Try this new feature on FamilySearch! Add multiple photos to each memory.

After doing this, you’ll see a couple of choices. You can upload a file (a photo, audio clip or document) from your computer or phone. If you’d like to add a story, select Create a Story.

You can now add more than one photo to each memory or story in FamilySearch's Family Tree.

That will bring you to the screen where you can enter your story:

Choose a title for your story, and begin typing—or even cut and paste text from another file. Then add your photos. You can choose photos from those already saved in your Memories albums by clicking Select from Gallery, or you can choose photos from another place (such as your computer or phone) by selecting Upload Photo. When you’ve added the photos you want, click Save Story.

Record your favorite memories, now with multiple photos, in FamilySearch's Family Tree.

With the ability to add up to 10 photos, you now can make your story even stronger. You might select photos from different points along the time line of your story or add more breadth to your story with several different photos of the same event. You don’t have to limit your attachments to photos either. If you’d like to attach an image of a birth record for example, you can do that also.

What if you’ve already created stories and now want to add more photos to them? It’s simple! Select the story you’re interested in, and click Edit Story. Then continue adding photos just as you would to a new story.

Tagging and Organizing Photos in Your Family Stories

Other features help you organize and share your memories on FamilySearch. When you open a particular story, on the right side you see boxes to enter information about your story. Enter who is in your memory, and FamilySearch will automatically search through your Family Tree to identify a person you type in. When it finds a match, it tags your story to that person. Others can now view that person in Family Tree, click on Memories, and see the story, photo, document, or other memory you attached to her.

Read memories of your ancestors in FamilySearch's Family Tree.

It’s important to remember that this works differently for living people. Information, including photos, entered about living people is not publicly available in order to protect their privacy. If a story has information about both living and deceased people and the deceased person is tagged, the story and photos can be publicly seen attached to the deceased person.

In addition to tagging the story, you can also tag people in individual photos. Click on the photo, and then click on the person you’d like to tag. A circle will appear around the person’s face, along with the question: Who is in this memory? Once again, as you enter a name, FamilySearch will search your family tree for a match. The photo will then also appear in that person’s memories.

Organize all the photos and memories of your ancestors by tagging them in FamilySearch's Family Tree.

Adding Photos to Stories on the FamilySearch Apps

If you aren’t familiar with the Memories and Family Tree mobile apps yet, learn about both FamilySearch apps here, and get an overview of how they work. Both of these apps enable you to add stories—and now they allow you to include multiple family photos in those stories.

In the Memories app, click on the green plus sign in the bottom right corner to get started. Select Write Story. Then, just like before, add a title, text, and up to 10 photos.

How to add memories to FamilySearch on Apple.


Adding multiple photos to a memory on Apple.


How to add memories to FamilySearch on Android


Adding multiple photos to a memory on Android


Tap on the silhouette with a green plus sign in the right bottom corner to tag people in the story. (If you are on an android device, tap on the silhouette with a white plus sign at the top of the screen.) To tag people in a photo, tap on that photo, and then tap on the same silhouette. To tag people in a photo, tap on that photo, and then tap on the same silhouette in the bottom right corner. Next, tap on the face of the person you’d like to tag, and a circle will appear with a text box to add his or her name. Select Done when you are finished.

How to tag people on FamilySearch memories on Apple.


How to tag people on FamilySaerch Memories on Android.


Adding stories with multiple photos is easy in the Family Tree app as well. After opening the app, go to your family tree (select Tree for apple users or Pedigree if you’re on an android device). Find the ancestor you have a story for and click on them. Once you have your ancestor’s page open, click on the Memories tab. This will take you to the Memories section, where you can follow the steps above.

How to add FamilySearch Memories on the Family Tree app on Apple.


How to add FamilySearch Memories on the Family Tree app on Android


With this new ability to add multiple photos to your stories, your family stories can be better than ever. Go visit the Memories section of FamilySearch today, and get started preserving and sharing your precious family memories.


Leslie Albrecht Huber

Leslie Albrecht Huber has written for dozens of magazines and journals on genealogy and other topics. She currently does communications consulting and contract work for nonprofit organizations. Leslie received a bachelor's degree in history from Brigham Young University and a Master of Public Affairs (MPA) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked as a professional genealogist, helpingothers trace their families, and has spoken on genealogy and history topics to groups across the United States.

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  1. Your website is absolutely wonderful and all of your volunteers are greatly appreciated by me. I had previously started adding photos and documents to my records on Family Search; however, I discovered that you passed them on to other websites that charge people to view my photos, even disallowing me to click on my photos when I am on their websites. I am a graphic designer and I spend hundreds of hours enhancing them. I put them on your website, because you never charge people to access all of your information. I would give my photos and documents to any relatives that wants them for free, but I don’t, because I am helping the other sites make more money off of me. I also have to pay those companies if I want to download anything, but they are getting rich off of my expertise. If they think it is okay to use my photos and documents, why don’t they let me get free stuff from them? I would love to add my things to your website, if something could be done to change their access to them. I have proof on records that are wrong on websites and if your website saw my proof, it would help you also clear things up and get rid of many duplicates. God bless your volunteers! I am very grateful for them. Thank you|!

    1. Hello Shannon,
      You can attach audio files to memories– I hope this helps you! This link will have instructions on how to do that. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can always suggest a feature here!

      1. Laurie Brandshaw – the question was if you could attach a photo to an audio file in Memories. I have one audio file I placed in memories. I did have a photo attached to this memory (just like we can attach a photo to stories). But now the photo is gone from being attached to this audio file. Has this feature been removed. If so that is a big mistake in my opinion.

  2. Do you know if FamilySearch will update the uploaded files as technologies change (hardware and software) so that these memories can be permanently accessible? I believe that .pdf and other file types change over time.

  3. I have to complain about something. I don’t like the fact that there isn’t a choice that I can make about the photo that shows first on the cover page on my Family Search account. I am the only person that is a member of the Church who does the work- for their dead. When I see a photo that greets me that is a third cousin, or something like each time I log in instead of my immediate family. Well, it makes me fell less than spiritual. Why is there not an app for a person to choose a default photo if they wish? It sure does make it harder to envision the parents who raised me or even the reason why I do Family History when I don’t see them when I enter the Family Search website. I don’t appreciate having to scroll back about 20 entries to see my Mother. Is it too much to ask?

  4. I love the Gallery features. One addition I would love is the ability to add another Family Search member as a collaborator in you Family Search Gallery. I have a lot of the family pictures, but I need to enlist my Sister and Mom to help tag and add details to the pictures

  5. I would like to have the photos appear in chronological order in the life of the individual. My mother Opal Tenney KWDF-KNH has over 100 photos and documents. I can not arrange them in sequence as her life progressed. Please go to her home page and view and way photos and documents now appear–chaotic!! I know I have some options to arrange photos in Gallery abut that foes not help in the individual’s memories. Will this require future programming skills to develop a way to reorganize my photos in Memories?

  6. Currently a story after pushing the “Action” button can only be downloaded to “Notebook.” How would I download it to “Word?”

  7. I am trying to learn if I can link MY photos and recordings under my memories to those of a deceased ancestor to guarantee that when I die my testimony will not be deleted by mistake. How do I do that without uploading these files again? Thanks.