75 Free New Webinars from the Family History Library

August 15, 2016  - by 
Free New Webinars from the Family History Library

The Family History Library is hosting over 75 free webinars in the months of September and October. These webinars include the United States Research Seminar in August and the European Family History Conference in September. Other webinars cover a variety of topics and countries and include some sessions in Spanish.  The research seminar and conference planners request that you preregister. However, you may directly access any webinar at the scheduled time by clicking here or by clicking on the class name found within the class schedule.

To view these webinars or to register, go to the Family History Library Classes and Webinars Wiki page. On this page, you will find information about upcoming webinars, links to enter webinar classrooms, links to handouts, and links to past webinars. To view details on live webinars, scroll to Upcoming Webinars. Or scroll to Past Webinars to view recorded classes. To ensure your connection functions properly, please enter the webinar about 15 minutes prior to the start of a live webinar. When signing in to a webinar, please indicate your name, the location you’re viewing the class from, and how many people are watching the webinar with you.

Handouts can be accessed and printed from the Classes and Webinars Wiki page. Scroll to Upcoming Webinars and click on the word Show. Click the Handout link next to the title of the class. (If no handout link is showing, no handout is available. It is recommended that you download the class handout before beginning the webinar. 

All webinars will be recorded and then posted on the Classes and Webinars Wiki page. Use your new skills to Find, Take, and Teach!


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