7 Genealogy TV Shows That Will Inspire You to Do More Family History

June 16, 2020  - by 
Relative race contestants

You don’t have to be a professional genealogist to have an interest in your family’s history. Family connection has become an increasingly popular topic in entertainment and media, making it the theme of multiple successful genealogy tv show series.

Feeling stuck in a rut trying to disentangle your family lines? Here are some genealogy TV shows to help you find a little boost of inspiration.

Who Do You Think You Are?

In this show, you can follow your favorite well-known celebrities as they work alongside professional genealogists and historians to uncover their family’s story. Each journey is tailored to the individual, and you get to see your favorite artists or actors in a different light.

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Genealogy Roadshow

Maybe you have an entire tackle box of fish stories that have been passed down in your family. If so, Genealogy Roadshow is for you. In this three-season series, a team of professionals visits cities throughout the United States to prove—or disprove—far-fetched genealogical claims and stories of everyday families.

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Ancestors genealogy tv show screenshot

Ancestors is a 23-episode series produced by BYUtv. Rather than following a single individual through family discoveries, this show highlights family history records from different parts of the world. The show weaves together personal stories with the more technical side of doing family history, so you can be entertained while picking up on some more know-how for your own research.

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The Generations Project

The Generations Project focuses on discovering some of the hidden secrets that have been woven into the family lines of the show’s participants. But don’t be mistaken. This show isn’t about uncovering the skeletons in the closet, it’s about uncovering the strength and resilience that come with knowing your background.

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Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family explores the life and journey of family members who have been separated for years by the challenges and realities of life. Like many of us, participants in the show feel the drive to discover the missing pieces of their family puzzle.

To apply to be a participant, email longlostfamilyusa@gmail.com. You can also follow the Long Lost Family Casting Page on social media to watch for new opportunities.

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Relative Race

Genealogy research can sometimes be slow-going, but not in Relative Race. In this show, teams of family members race to see who can meet all their unknown relatives first. The producers of the show use DNA testing to research the family beforehand to provide them with the locations of these relatives—and some epic game-changers.

A family on Relative Race, a popular genealogy tv show, hugging eachother

To apply to be one of the teams on the show, fill out an online application. Be sure to get your application in before June 1 to be considered for the upcoming season!

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Roots Less Traveled

Roots Less Traveled is one of the newer genealogy TV shows. It follows pairs of family members on a long road trip to discover more about their ancestors—and each other. Each team works together to play detective and solve some of the mysteries and tall tales in their family tree.

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While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the genealogy TV shows out there—and those that are still coming—it’s a good place to start. But you don’t have to wait until you’re a big TV star to enjoy genealogy. Check out our online records today and start building your family tree to embark on your own journey of self-discovery.

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  1. I enjoy genealogy research. As much as I enjoy Finding Your Roots with Educator Henry Louis Gates, Jr. , it is hard to see actually see and hear his ‘racism’. At times he pushes for anger from his Black guests and not all of them feel anger. They want to learn their history as so many of us do. The past is written and together we will strive for peace in the future together. We can do it!

  2. I have been married for 23 years and my wife was put up for adoption in Los Angeles County. She has tried for years to get info but they tell her the info is sealed. The “not knowing who you are” has negatively affected her and our marriage
    Can you PLEASE HELP. We are tired of writing and calling and, at this point, has said she will go to the grave not knowing. You are last hope.

  3. I hope you posted info on your wife or her DNA RESULTS. Mrs. Thomsen, you may be adopted but at age 30 I found out that my mom wanted to give me up for adoption and then changed her mind. We always had a wall between us. Now I knew why. We got passed it but I will forever feel “unwanted”. When I get hurt about things that quiet emotion comes in strong. No one sees it, but I feel it. Try to enjoy your husband and current family life. In time the answer will reveal itself. Be patient. It will come.

  4. Looking for my biological father, as i am a 61 year old female that just found out our family history / tree is not what i have know my entire life. Yes thru Ancestry shock of my life

  5. Hi my name is Raymond I’m trying to find the Ancestry of the descendants of the free slaves of Robert Carter III of Virginia