5 Ways to Get Others Excited about Indexing

January 4, 2016  - by 

Do you love indexing and family history? Do you find yourself taking every chance to tell anyone who will listen about how exciting and fun it can be? Here are 5 suggestions that will help you spread the word even further.

  1. Teach One-On-One
  2. The best way to help people get into indexing is to walk them through their first batch—and maybe their second and third batches too. Do you remember being a little apprehensive when you started? How did you feel after doing your first few batches? You can help others overcome their initial hesitation by being right there with them to help them get started. The recent request for more indexing in other languages could be a great opportunity to show the ropes to your friends who speak a second language.

  3. Sponsor an Indexing Activity
  4. You can take the teaching idea to the next step by putting together an indexing activity. It could be at your home, at a family history center, or wherever you want. This could be a great opportunity for people to try it out who may have been hesitant at first. It could also be a good motivation for past indexers to pick it up again. To add extra excitement, sponsor an indexing challenge. Oh, and always make sure there is food!

  5. Tell People about Your Experiences
  6. Have you ever indexed the records of persons you recognize or had other interesting indexing experiences? Or maybe you reached a personal indexing milestone. You could share these experiences with your friends on Facebook and tag FamilySearch indexing so they’ll know where to go for more information.

    Write “FamilySearch Indexing” (use capitalization), select it from the
    suggestions that drop down as you type.
    You will know you did it right if it becomes highlighted in blue.


    If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can choose
    to receive notifications every time there is a new post,
    or select to see them at the top of your newsfeed.

  7. Follow FamilySearch’s Social Pages
  8. Not only will you be the first to hear exciting news and see inspiring or educational posts, you can share them with your friends to help them see how awesome indexing is. You can find links to FamilySearch’s social pages to the right of this article. You can follow indexing specific social pages here:

    facebookFacebook twitterTwitter google plusGoogle+


  9. Share Blog Articles
  10. Subscribe to the FamilySearch blog and utilize the FamilySearch newsletters. This will help you increase your own skills and passion, but it will also be a great resource to share with people when they have questions.

As you help others index, emphasize how their service can and will impact others. Regardless of what you do, you can be sure that once people understand how indexing works and why it is so important, they will most likely become just as excited about it as you are.

Start now by sharing one of these great indexing videos.

Bonus tip: Have you seen the Invite a Friend link at the top right of the indexing program? You can use this link to send a quick email with a link to anyone you know, inviting them to start indexing.

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  1. Begin by reading children’s books that encourage family history research like GIANNA THE GREAT and HALITO GIANNA: THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.

  2. I have just been called as indexing supervisor in my ward. I am pretty new, but I want to start an interest in this. Any help I can receive will be appreciated.

  3. There is such great joy in indexing. The information is right in front of you. It is not like having to research for the clues, they are right there in front of you. Those with multi-language knowledge are highly needed. God will bring great blessings into your life as you strive to do the best you can. Every name and clue is important to someone as they research their family histories. With indexing, it brings the information more readily for those searching. Please start as soon as you can. Get your family and friends interested. You will not regret the time spent carrying on the Lord’s work here on Earth.

  4. moi frere kitenge kitenge baron comme D I P DE LUBUMBASHI je suis preocuper par le fait que içi au congo nous avons besoin d’aller plus loin avec la genealogie alors comment arriver a mettre les donnees en ligne pour l’indexation?comment proceder? par ou comencer?comment trouver les outilles? merci pour la reponse

  5. Gosto muito de indexar, pois está é maneira correta de fazer-ia; tenho em meu ramo convidado vairas pessoas; ensino a elas no proprio CHF.

  6. I am the Georgia Macon stake indexing director but I’ve lost track of what and how I am supposed to contact my current indexers and encourage and train. Where are they located (ward/branch) telephone or address? I’m still notified when there is a new volunteer but where they are located is a total mystery. I’ve called SLC but no can tell me what is going on. It is like a Chinese firedrill

    1. Two ways to get the information you need.
      Access LDS Tools on your phone. At the top left where it says Directory, click on the name of your stake. An alphabetical list of all members will appear with the name of the ward of each attached. Click on the name you are looking for and contact information will appear.
      Ask your Stake High Council member over Temple and Family History for help.