3 Tips to Celebrate Ancestors from Your Family Tree at Gatherings

August 25, 2015  - by 

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, observe a holiday, or get together just because, there’s nothing better than spending time with family. Being with loved ones grounds us and serves to remind us who we are and what makes our lives special.

One wonderful way to make these gatherings even more memorable is to incorporate family history-themed activities. Remembering ancestors from your family tree can be an exciting way to explore the past while strengthening bonds with relatives.

We asked some of our favorite genealogists to share how they recommend incorporating family history activities into gatherings. Read their tips and start planning how you’ll incorporate ancestors from your family tree into upcoming get-togethers.

Tip #1: Display Vintage Family Photos

Rachel LaCour Niesen
Rachel LaCour Niesen

“Old family photos are timeless,” says Rachel LaCour Niesen, founder of Save Family Photos. “They tell us volumes about our family history, and about our family legacy. That’s why you should display vintage family photos at family events!”

Seeing photos displayed at gatherings can inspire everyone at a family event to share memories about ancestors. These conversations can surface other stories about additional ancestors, those living and those who have passed.

Rachel recommends being thoughtful about how photos are presented. “When it comes to displaying old photos, creating a theme can be an effective way to tell family stories.” You might, for example, create presentations themed around weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestone events.

Rachel also emphasizes the importance of being inclusive. “Nobody wants to see an aunt having a meltdown because she was left out.”

Tip #2: Get Visual with Family Storytelling

Joshua Taylor