20+ Questions to Capture Grandma’s Story—#MeetMyGrandma

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Watch a fun video showing how grandmothers can influence our lives.

What do you know about your grandmothers? They may live far away or with your family, but each has had experiences that should be recorded and preserved. Those stories will help you understand your grandmothers and yourself better.

Now is a great time to start, especially if your grandmothers are living. The best way to learn about them is to ask them questions. If they have passed away, ask your family to share their memories with you. Then preserve what you learn for future generations at FamilySearch.org.


How to Record Your Grandma’s Stories



20 Questions to Ask Your Grandma

Brainstorm what you would like to know about your grandma. Use the questions below to get started! Feel free to skip or modify the questions to make them fit your situation.

Questions to ask your grandma about her life in an interview


  • What is your full name, and what are the names of your parents and siblings? 
  • How did your parents choose your name, and does it have a special meaning? 
  • Did you have any nicknames? 
  • When and where were you born?
  • When and where were your family members born? 
  • What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young? 
  • Who were some of your friends, and what are your fondest memories of spending time with them? 
  • What schools did you attend?
  • What were your favorite subjects in school?
  • Who were your favorite teachers and why were they your favorite?
  • How did you meet Grandfather?
  • How did Grandfather propose? 
  • When and where were you married? 
  • What are your children’s names, and when and where were they born? 
  • What are some special memories you have about your children? 
  • Where have you lived? 
  • Who have you worked for, and what jobs did you do? 
  • Has faith or religion played a role in your life?
  • What did you do to get through the difficult times in your life? 
  • What are your favorite holiday memories and traditions?
  • What are some of your favorite things (such as favorite colors, flowers, books, songs, foods, or pets)?
  • What trips or vacations do you remember, and which one was your favorite? 
  • What experiences in your life have molded you into the person you are today?
  • What are your favorite things to do now?
  • What do you hope for your children and grandchildren?


Preserving Grandma’s Stories with FamilySearch Memories

Now that you’ve recorded the stories, why not share and preserve them for future generations? Adding the stories to your family tree will protect them from natural disasters, from changes in technology, and from being accidentally discarded.

To preserve your stories with FamilySearch, go to the Memories site or download the mobile app. Once you sign in or create an account, follow these simple instructions:

    • Click on the Green Plus Sign to add your grandma’s stories.
    • Be sure to tag your grandma if she is in your FamilySearch tree!
      • Click on the memory you just added, and click Add Tag (on a desktop) or click the Person Icon (on mobile).
      • Don’t have a family tree yet? Get started with FamilySearch.


If you already use FamilySearch and have a family tree, you can always view or add stories to your grandma’s profile by going to the Memories tab on her person page.


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  1. All of my Grandmas and Grandpas were deceased before I was born. I have no knowledge of them or how to be a Grandma – but I am trying with my two Grand daughters and my new Great Grand Daughter. Yes I know how lucky I am to have them.

  2. This sounds a really good project which i would like to contribute to, BUT, familysearch will not let me in, because for some reason I have forgotten my password and they won’t give it to me or let me renew it.

  3. I only met one of my grandmothers and she would shoo us out the backdoor when we arrived with our parents so I never got to know her. From everything I heard she was a hard woman. She died when I was 8. When I was about 55 a relative of my age happened to contact me. Quite miraculously she found me and we got talking as you do about our family history. She told me what turned out to be a lovely story about my grandmother Maud who happened to be her Auntie Maudie. When Auntie Maudie came to visit, she always came bearing cakes. I was delighted to know my grandmother whom I had thought to be a hard woman, had a soft side. I’ve written about that and it’s a story on her page on FamilySearch.

  4. Sadly both my grandmas died before I was born but by all accounts they were both lovely people. I never knew what it was to visit a grandma and sadly only know them from what I was told about them.

  5. My grandma, Mothers mother lived to be almost 93 yrs old . was widowed when my mother was young My grandfather was only 42 yrs. old But had suffered from gassing during WWI. She raised her 2 sons 7 my mother along. No welfare or any government help in England in those days. She wore a 5” built up shoe from her step mother pushing her down the cellar stairs. So when she was old enough to support herself she ran away from home. She had a brother Percival that is all I know about that side of the family. She was wonderful knitter. & use to knit & sell dolls along with other knitted garments. She also became a money lender. My mother told me all these stories as my grandmother would never talk about he past. My mothers 2 brother were quite a lot older than my mother. & we guess there were several miscarry’s. This came as a shock to all of us including my mother . When I was visiting my grandmother to say goodbye as I was immigrating to the USA . I told them that the Air Force nurse at the embassy said I could be carrying twins. I mentioned that my husbands grandmother had twins. My Grandmother piped up yes you could I had twins. The shock on my Mothers face. when she to my grandmother. “Oh long before you were born”. We asked what happened all she said is that they dies at about three months old. She would not say any more. I am now 80yrs old & still do not know the sex or what ever happened

  6. Eversince i grew up i have been influenced by my grandma in so many ways. She taught me how to develop my talent no matter how hard lives is.

  7. My paternal grandmother was 75 years old when I was born. She was the warmest, loveliest lady you could ever hope to meet. I called her Nanna. She lost her husband when she was only 36 years old and brought up my aunt and my dad on her own. She was a wonderful cook, always baking and making bottles of fruit and pickles. She had many fruit trees in her large garden in Johannesburg, SA.She had a fall and broke a hip when she was 95 years old, spent the following year in bed and died at the age of 96, still very alert. When my first grandchild was born I asked to be called Nanna in her memory. My maternal grandmother was a very feisty Scottish lady, always very smart and houseproud. My everlasting memory of her is visiting and being afraid of dropping cake crumbs on the carpet!!! She would not allow a stranger onto her property so my mom and I used to do all her shopping for her and my dad would do all her repairs. She was widowed once and divorced once. She had a hard childhood in Dundee in Scotland, and an even harder life when she arrived in SA in the 1890’s. I loved her too, but my nanna was definately my favourite. I have a wonderful relationship with my three grandchildren and I hope they remember me with love.

  8. I had the privilege of been able to got to known my great-grand ma and my grandma as well, I really learned a lot from them, they didn’t had western education, yet they taught me how to read scripture, you may wonder how was that possible, my grandma lives in another state from us, and I went for a visit, that night we wanted to pray and Mama just open the Bible as if she knew what to read, she placed her hands in between and only says what she usually hear the preacher says, and I took it from her and i read it, she was happy and wept, throughout the visit she will ask me to read before bed time, since then I’ve love to study scripture on my own, that’s the influence of my grandma on me.

  9. Both my grandmothers have influenced my character positively. Unfortunately, I lost them much too early yet from them I got the entrepreneurship, strength, artistic expressions, endurance and generosity.

  10. I did not see my grandma, though there was a story told by my grandma and grandpa that their grand children should marry within our community.