10 Things Dad Taught Us On the Way to Somewhere Else

June 21, 2015  - by 

Dad tutored us through hard classes, but along the way he taught us more.









  1. Gravity

Dad: “The sky is falling.”
Daughter: “You just flipped my head!”
“No, the sky is falling. Didn’t you see it?”
(Another light flip on the head.)
“See? I told you. The sky is falling!”

  1. Arithmetic

Dad: “Let me count your ribs.”
Grandkids: “Here we are.”
“One, two, three, four…” (Hysterical giggles ended the tickling.)
Grandkids: “Do it again!”

  1. New-Driving-practice

“Whoa! 15 miles per hour is too fast for you… You can’t seem to find your own lane.”

  1. De-stressing

“Dad I wrecked the car… again.”
Dad put down the newspaper, went outside and started watering the lawn.

  1. Maintenance

Dad: “You did what!? You drove home on a flat tire?”
“It was only a couple of blocks.”
“You can ruin a tire backing out of the garage on a flat.”
“Really? Are you sure?”
(Deep sigh.) “Come outside. I’ll teach you how to change a tire.”

  1. Choices

“Dad, I have to drop Geometry.”
“Sure, drop the class… and drop off your football uniform, too.”
“But I love football.”
“You drop classes, you drop sports. Your decision.”

  1. Romance

16-year-old-daughter “Can I go to the dance with Joe?”
Dad: “Well… Did he ask you?”
“What?! Of course!”
Dad (Managing a straight face): “Then I guess you can go.”

  1. Logic
    “Dad, did you know that 75 percent of accidents happen within 25 miles of home!?”

“That’s because 75 percent of driving occurs with within 25 miles of home.”

  1. Accuracy

Son: It’s 1 ¼ inches.
Dad: That’s 1 5/16. It matters when you build.

  1. Shortcuts

Dad: “Here are the keys. Why don’t you drive down the block and buy ice cream?”
(26 miles later the ice cream arrived)

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